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Juno - If you're looking for a low-cost e-mail and internet service, Juno is what you're looking for. For years, Juno has offered free e-mail service. Now, they also offer a free internet service in addition to Juno Web, their $10 a month high quality internet service. We do not recommend using Juno's free internet service if it is needed for buisiness reasons, but it is a free alternative for home use. - Safeplace offers a very good e-mail and internet service. Their service includes a free adjustable filtering service to offer safe internet service for the whole family.

Web Hosting

Tripod - Tripod offers an excellent free web hosting package. Signing-up for their free service gives you 50MB of web space, your own cgi-bin, plenty of online web-site creators, and excellent offers from other web companies.

11Net - 11Net offers two excellent web hosting packages for a very good price.

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